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What is the secret of Zhengchang for customers to repurchase?
Font: Large Small Date:2021/09/29
The customer's repurchase is the affirmation of the best product quality.

Zhengchang equipment has been repurchased by customers many times. Some are to expand production lines, some are to build new factories, some are production capacity upgrades, small models are replaced with large models, etc., mostly to adapt to the development of the enterprise Needs. So why did they all choose Zhengchang without an appointment, and what is the secret of Zhengchang for customers to repurchase?

Zhonghuan Sunway Green Technology (Linzhang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhonghuan Sunway) is a biomass energy research and development service company with a demand for biomass pelleting. At the beginning, the supporting company recommended the installation of a disc pellet machine. The output is low and the energy consumption is high. Not only the production efficiency is low, but there are occasional equipment problems, and when it is serious, the production will be stopped for repair. This made the leadership of Zhonghuan Sunway very much headache.

By coincidence, Zhonghuan Sunway bought a second-hand Zhengchang small pellet mill through a friend's introduction. The original manufacturer upgraded the production capacity and replaced the small model. This is also the first time Zhonghuan Sunway has come into contact with Zhengchang equipment.

"This pellet mill of Zhengchang has given us a great surprise. Although it has been working and running for many years at the original manufacturer, it appears to be relatively old, but after assembly in our factory, it runs smoothly and has a considerable output. It has provided a lot of help for the development start." The person in charge of Zhonghuan Sunway praised it from the bottom of his heart.

With the development of the company and the expansion of the market, Zhonghuan Sunway has the need to expand production and expansion of production lines. The leaders of Zhonghuan Sunway immediately thought of Zhengchang and immediately contacted Zhengchang’s regional marketing through the official website. manager. After preliminary communication, Zhonghuan Sunway quickly decided to organize the backbone of various departments to visit Zhengchang to learn about Zhengchang’s centuries-old cultural heritage, the image of a leading enterprise, and the full range of granulating machines and equipment to create value for customers. The philosophy, etc., left a deep impression on the leaders of Zhonghuan Sunway.

Soon after the visit, Zhonghuan Sunway sent in materials to test the machine. The test machine was very successful and the output far exceeded expectations. Zhonghuan Sunway's customer was very satisfied and immediately decided to buy two Zhengchang pelletizers. "The quality of Zhengchang equipment is solid and can stand the test. We can trust it!" said the person in charge of Zhonghuan Sunway.

Interpreting the brand with strength and leading the development with the brand, Zhengchang always insists on creating excellent products and high-quality services, and uses trustworthy products to help customers continue to create value and achieve high-quality development!

This is the secret of Zhengchang for customers to repurchase!
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