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With an annual output of 500,000 tons! Another high-capacity livestock and poultry feed project in Zhengchang settled down on the Pearl!
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In recent years, as the scale of broiler farming has been further promoted, the industry concentration has continued to increase. It is worth noting that the expansion plans of leading companies are continuing, and they are optimistic about market conditions. According to incomplete statistics, as of December 2020, the scale of broiler breeding projects expanded by companies such as Shuanghui Development, Shengnong Group, Xiantan Shares, Nanyang Foods, Shiyang Group, etc. totaled about 960 million, and the scale of each company Both are above 100 million. Wen's shares and others also announced expansion plans in related announcements.

Enterprise expansion cannot be separated from the upgrade of industrial lines, high-capacity, high-efficiency products and equipment, and the support of supporting professional large-capacity projects. Since 2020, Zhengchang’s high-volume, high-efficiency large-scale engineering orders have been overwhelmed like snowflakes. Customers have gradually begun to optimize and upgrade industrial lines. Large-capacity and high-efficiency equipment has become more and more popular, and the pace of the era of high-capacity has accelerated. !

Just recently, the "Pearl of the Forbidden City" Kalaqin Left Mongolian Autonomous County (Kazuo for short), more than 1,500 kilometers away, ushered in the high-quality and high-efficiency benchmarking project built by Zhengchang-Kazuo Hongfa with an annual output of 50%. Ten thousand tons of high-end broiler feed project.

The project is equipped with 2 678 and 1 558 granulating lines. Zhengchang SZLH558E and SZLH678D are the new generation of medium and large granulators in the industry, with higher production efficiency and stronger production capacity, which can fully satisfy customers Demand provides a strong impetus for enterprises to expand production.

At the same time, the expansion of the enterprise also puts forward higher requirements on the feeding and nutrition of broiler chickens. The quality of feed directly affects the quality of broiler chickens. In order to better serve customers, provide high-quality feed and further help customers expand the market. Share in order to obtain gratifying benefits. The entire line is equipped with the third-generation premium chicken feed system, the 658 (Dr. Chicken) high-quality pelleting process system, which was first launched by the Zhengchang industry.

The system adopts industry-leading process design, temperature control and conditioning throughout the entire process, the conditioning time is 5 to 8 minutes, and the temperature of the outlet material can reach 70 to 90 degrees, which can completely remove Salmonella.

The system can also successfully reduce the feed-to-meat ratio of broiler chickens (increase gizzards), ensure the green and safe feed produced, ensure the health of the grandparents' hens, and extend the lifespan and laying period. While comprehensively improving the quality of feed and breeding, it greatly improves the quality of chicken meat, improves the breeding effect, and greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. At the same time, the system can also effectively reduce costs, increase operational value, and help customers build differentiated market competitiveness.

Entering the era of high production capacity, Zhengchang's "large" models are increasingly being favored by customers, enterprises, and the market. Committed to innovation and upgrading, leading the development of the industry, Zhengchang will continue to catalyze new development momentum through technological innovation, work together with customers to prosper, and stride into the era of high production capacity!
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