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Zhengchang participated in the world's largest feed processing exhibition at VICTAM International 2022 in the Netherlands
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From May 31 to June 2,  Victam 2022 exhibition was grandly held in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Victam is by far the world's largest professional event for animal feed processing, grain processing, raw materials and additives, pet food and biomass pelleting industries.

Exhibitors from 43 countries and tourists from 159 countries participated in the event, presenting the latest product technology and industry development of the global animal feed, pet food and aquatic feed industries. Along with the exhibition were iftc - the second international feed technology conference and grapas Europe - the Cereals, flour and rice processing industry and VIV Europe.

As the largest international exhibition since the resumption of the epidemic, Zhengchang, as the world's leading provider of feed processing equipment, storage equipment and complete engineering system, has made a wonderful appearance with the latest technologies and solutions in the industry, attracting many new and old customers and partners from all over the world. Everyone gathered together to observe carefully, lamented the advanced and sophisticated equipment of Zhengchang, and expressed their expectation for in-depth understanding and cooperation.

Among them, an old friend from Romania who has 23 years of cooperation experience said: "Zhengchang's stable equipment and engineering quality still maintains high production efficiency and low comprehensive cost, which has enabled us to gain a great advantage in the market competition! This time, we learned about the new equipment of Zhengchang, which also gives us greater confidence in the future development.

During the exhibition, Zhengchang experts also systematically showed visitors the strength and best practices of the world's leading feed processing equipment, processes and delivery services. Together with thousands of industry experts, they discussed the industry development and demonstrated the charm of China's intelligent manufacturing.

Adhering to the concept of stability, reliability and long-term development, Zhengchang has been committed to working hand in hand with global partners to jointly explore the transformation of the grain, oil and feed industry to specialization, large-scale, intelligence and globalization. It will continue to focus on creating stable, reliable and happy harvest production lines for customers, create value for customers and contribute to the development of the global feed and grain industry!

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