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High standard High quality丨How is the good ring die born
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The quality and life of the ring die can best determine the quality and efficiency of pellet feed production. How to create a high-quality ring die, save costs and increase revenue for customers, the quality of its raw materials and processing technology are very important. In more than 100 years, Zhengchang has built the first pelletizing equipment and the first ring die in China. After several technical and service innovations, it has become the first choice for many large groups to choose good mold manufacturers.

Zhengchang has its own raw material formula for ring die blanks and a complete processing system, including: automatic lathes, four-axis gun drills imported from Germany, Japanese continuous quenching furnaces, and the largest diameter automatic vacuum quenching furnaces in China and a series of professional equipment. Each ring die has to go through multiple processing procedures, and each process needs to be strictly checked in order to achieve a Zhengchang high-quality ring die.

The ring die roughcast is made of vacuum stainless steel material containing special alloy elements, and ultrasonic flaw detection is used to strictly control the quality of the ring die source. From the time the roughcast is put into storage, it needs to be left standing outdoors for 30 days to allow it to fully contact and oxidize with the air before it can enter the main process flow.

Featured roughcast

Forging roughcast pretreatment

The solid solution spheroidization pretreatment process is adopted to refine the internal structure and grain of the roughcast, further improve the strength of the forging, and greatly reduce the deformation amount of the final quenching heat treatment.


The ring die can be turned from a roughcast shape to the specified size, which can be customized according to the different needs of customers, such as: adding a certain amount of thickness to the hoop surface to achieve a closer fit between the ring die, the hoop and the hollow shaft.

Stencil line

Input the parameters of the ring die into the computer, and the automatic stamping machine ensures the accuracy.

Mill keyway

According to the different parameters of the ring die, it is completed by an automatic integrated keyway milling machine, which ensures the accuracy of the keyway and screw hole positions without deviation.

Gun drill

A good gun drill is the key to the production of high-quality ring die. Zhengchang has a series of professional gun drill equipment including: German imported four-axis gun drill, South Korean four-axis gun drill and American gun drill. The rate reaches 65600 holes, which basically covers most of the ring die size requirements in the market.


Different counterbore processes can now be introduced according to different feed types and different apertures, such as: conical counterbore for livestock and poultry feed, etc.


Specialized standard, the angle deviation of drilling is controlled within 1°, or even smaller.

Heat treatment

Zhengchang has a number of imported quenching furnaces, including Japanese continuous quenching furnaces and fully automatic vacuum quenching furnaces with the largest inner diameter in China. Good performance and longer service life.

Counterbore hard polishing

The ring die that needs to be countersunk is subjected to hard polishing after heat treatment, and all the deformations generated after the heat treatment of the ring die are polished to improve the accuracy and control the error within the minimum range.

Fine spot facing

Grind the bell mouth again to remove the burr at the bottom of the taper hole and improve the finish of the taper hole.

Finish machining

Reach the specified size, ensure that the size is within the tolerance range, and the inspector will pass the inspection before entering the next process.

Water blasting

For the small aperture ring die, the sandblasting process improves the smoothness of the inner wall of the die hole and makes the discharge smoother.

Cleaning packaging

It is cleaned with diesel oil to remove the impurities remaining on the hole wall, and finally packaged and shipped.

Facing the rapidly growing customer demand, the newly built Zhengchang Granulator Intelligent Manufacturing Center with an investment of more than 30 million has been officially put into use. high quality products. The center also adopts a centralized oil supply processing device to ensure that the internal filtration accuracy of the machine meets the requirements; the data acquisition system realizes the data factory; through the upgrading and transformation of the equipment, cloud computing is used to carry out data management on the processing accuracy of all equipment, realize pdc, ensure Product fast delivery and machining precision.

In addition to advanced intelligent manufacturing capabilities, as well as the rich experience and knowledge accumulated by Zhengchang, we design appropriate opening area and compression ratio for different regions, different customers, different breeding species, and different growth periods. Considering the effect and service life, we provide customers with personalized designs and solutions.

Zhengchang Granulator Company is a stable and reliable manufacturer of granulation equipment. It provides various types of hosts, molds and accessories for livestock, aquatic products, animal husbandry feed, fertilizer, biomass and other industries, and promotes longer service life of scientific and technological equipment. The pellet value is better.

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