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7-step standard process, 10-year warranty, 20-year uninterrupted use of Zhengchang pelleting system worry-free service system to give you peace of mind
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As the key equipment in the feed production process of each feed mill, the pellet mill can be said to be the heart of the feed mill. The correct choice of the pellet mill directly affects the production efficiency and economic benefits of the feed mill. Therefore, when we choose the brand of pellet mill, in addition to considering the performance and quality of the equipment, we must also fully compare the after-sales service, which is very important for the production and operation of the feed factory.

As the leader of pellet mills in China, Zhengchang has provided more than 10,000 sets of pellet mill equipment for 65% of the country's feed enterprises, the largest R&D and manufacturing team in China, from customer needs, to product design, lean manufacturing, quality Management and control, installation and delivery, after-sales training, and return visit services cover 7 standard processes in the entire life cycle of the granulator. Fully customized services ensure the stable, reliable, and safe operation of the Zhengchang granulation system.

1 Demand analysis

The marketing and pre-tech engineers fully communicate with customers, understand customer needs, and customize personalized system solutions for customers.

2 Customized Design

Zhengchang professional engineers report according to customer needs, based on industry-leading design standards, and Zhengchang's more than 60 years of granulator design experience, from

The four major sections use the most advanced design and analysis software, which are accurate and efficient to meet the customized needs of feed manufacturers.

3 Fine Manufacturing

Zhengchang Granulator Intelligent Manufacturing Center has rich experience in granulating equipment manufacturing, equipped with more than 80 sets of cutting-edge European and American imported processing equipment and high-quality manufacturing process technology, and strict lean production management mode to ensure product quality.

4 Quality control

Strictly implement total quality management and ISO9001 management process. Quality control runs through the whole process of design, production, manufacturing, installation, delivery and service. Data management is carried out on all links to ensure that the quality and performance of each granulator meet customer requirements.

5 Installation and delivery

With more than 60 professional and technical installation teams, long-term cooperation, signing strategic cooperation agreements, strictly in accordance with the installation standards of the granulation system, on-site installation and commissioning for customers, tracking services throughout the process, to ensure that the equipment is delivered in the best production state, so that customers feel at ease Hassle-free.

6 Systemic training

The back-end service team will carry out systematic training on the specific operation process, maintenance, common fault analysis and prevention of pellet mill equipment, and answer questions on the spot, train a group of qualified technical personnel for the feed factory, and ensure the stable operation of the production line.

7 Return visit service
Zhengchang will regularly arrange service engineers to return to customers to conduct technical guidance and equipment management inspection and supervision. If hidden troubles or technical improvement requirements put forward by users are found, Zhengchang engineers will provide targeted guidance and assist in solving them to ensure that customers can enjoy comprehensive and professional services.

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