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High-end new choice! Zhengchang helps Haichen build a 5G intelligent customized chemical factory for pet organic food
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On June 15, Hao Bo, Chairman of Jiangsu Zhengchang Group, Wang Fuzheng, Chairman of Liaoning Haichen, Lv Shunkai, Executive Vice President of Zhengchang Grain Machinery, Dai Baogui, Executive Deputy General Manager of Zhengchang Pet Food, Ni Shengliang, General Manager of Pet Food Marketing, Chong Chief Grain Designer Wu Yuzhuan and others attended the signing ceremony of the Haichen high-end pet food production line project with an annual output of 120,000 tons, and joined hands to build the industry's first customized high-end factory. This production line integrates intelligence, technological innovation, and green environmental protection. The official launch of this project means that my country's pet food industry has opened a new chapter in the development of high-end intelligent customization.

New opportunities in the industry
Development in new value

With the rapid development of the pet industry and the deepening of people's affection for pets, people's demand for green, safe and nutritious high-quality pet food is increasing day by day, but the matching supply of high-end pet food has never been effectively filled. How to quickly transform from simple and extensive "product processing" to intensive and efficient "brand quality manufacturing" is not only a new market challenge that pet food manufacturers must face, but also a new opportunity for the pet food industry to face high-quality development in the future.

Haichen, as a high-end pet food leader with both domestic and international organic certifications, has always adhered to its original aspiration and value quality, providing domestic and foreign brand customers with staple food, fresh meat, flavors, premixes, baking food, dried snacks, Research and development and production of high-end pet food such as freeze-dried snacks, tooth cleaning snacks, and nutritional products. Facing new opportunities, Haichen took the lead in proposing a new sustainable development strategy in the industry, and created the H5 high-end intelligent manufacturing platform system of "high-end grain, Haichen made".

For many years, Zhengchang has been adhering to the development strategy of absorbing international leading technology + independent innovation, constantly striving for excellence, creating stable and reliable pet food equipment and projects with world-class standards for customers, and promoting the development of China's pet food industry. It is highly consistent with the service concept of "sustainable development".

The strong alliance to build this 5G intelligent factory is:

1 The first smart factory in China with GMP standard layout, self-cleaning system, full visualization and traceability;

2 The first customized chemical factory in the Z era in China to meet the value chain improvement required by Haichen's innovative business model. Through the comprehensive application of sound and light, color, shape, image elements and other factors, it realizes the pet food theme chemical factory and promotes production from The transformation from an enabler to an enabler leads the industry to seize the commanding heights of competition;

3 The first “Design+” in China to realize humanized smart factory. Through industrial innovation design and people-oriented design concept, the interaction is more intuitive, the function is more friendly, the material is safer, the surface treatment is more friendly, and the equipment operation is more convenient;

4 A pet food production and processing enterprise with double organic certification at home and abroad, the founder of single meat source pet food;

5 The leading smart factory in China that can add fresh meat to 100%. It is also the only one in China's pet industry that has achieved precise control of animal protein raw materials, animal fat raw materials, and animal natural seasoning raw materials, and multiple production lines are operating simultaneously;

6 The first vacuum spraying system in China realizes CIP online cleaning, effectively solving the pain point that the industry has never been able to cure - the problem of colony exceeding the standard;

7. The first domestically created pet food full-process AI vision technology + 5G control system to realize digital operations such as green intelligence, high efficiency and energy saving, full traceability, and full life cycle.

It can fully meet the higher demands of consumers and the market, so that Haichen pet food can be optimized in multiple dimensions such as quality, taste, nutrition, etc., and realize the upgrading and innovation of its own products, enhance brand advantages, and improve market competitiveness.

A new starting point to create a new future

The cooperation between Zhengchang and Haichen not only marks a new starting point for Haichen to take the lead in the high-end customized intelligent manufacturing of pet food, but also represents that Zhengchang has reached a new level in the field of pet food equipment and engineering in China. Focusing on customers' continuous pursuit of pet food quality, Zhengchang will continue to optimize its own equipment and equipment through the construction of Haichen 5G intelligent customized chemical factory, and with the help of international professionals and professional platforms such as the largest pet food experimental center and physical and chemical laboratory in China. Technology, meet customer's customized needs with high-standard solutions, help customers' brand growth with strength, and lead the pet food industry to develop towards high-end, green and integrated development.

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