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New blueprint and share new opportunities —— "Zhengchang Manufacturing" at VICTAM ASIA 2022
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VICTAM ASIA is the premier event dedicated to the animal feed processing industry in Asia. The exhibition will be held from September 7 to 9, 2022 at the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

In this exhibition, VICTAM ASIA and Health & NUTRITION ASIA will work together to discuss the future development direction of the Asian feed industry. The exhibition will bring together more than 9,000 visitors from all over Asia.

As one of the founding members of the exhibition, Zhengchang, joined hands with new technologies, new concepts, and new solutions to appear at this event. Zhengchang professionals will discuss innovative technologies and solutions with customers at the exhibition site.

Consultant of the Minister of Agriculture of Thailand visited Zhengchang

Interview by the organizer

There are growing market opportunities in the booming Asian region. From the initial expansion of territory to today's intensive cultivation, the Zhengchang brand has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the application and popularization of Zhengchang's livestock and poultry pelleting technology in the Asian market, in this exhibition, Zhengchang also demonstrated the integration of warehousing, sustainable solutions such as aquatic feed and pet food to customers, which further explained the concept of “Helps Feeding The World” of Zhengchang.

Meeting with representatives of trade missions from neighboring countries

Pellet Mill SZLH 580

Zhengchang not only provides stable and reliable equipment and overall engineering solutions for feed manufacturers, but also provides users with stable product quality and considerate technical services.

With the help of the VICTAM ASIA display platform, Zhengchang displayed the granulator, extruder, ultra-fine pulverizer and vacuum sprayer on site. These brand-new equipment emerged as early as the VICTAM Netherlands exhibition in 2022, harvesting the Americas and even the Good reviews from European customers. The equipment combines the optimal solutions of Zhengchang's engineering practice at home and abroad for many years, as well as the innovative technology of continuous iteration, strives for excellence, and strives to achieve the ultimate.

The audience was very enthusiastic and responded well

Take pictures with customers

Innovative equipment concept to bring customers a better experience

In the future, Zhengchang will still be committed to providing stable and reliable equipment and system solutions for global customers, relying on advanced technology and excellent quality control to create differentiated competitive advantages for customers, and promote the sustainable development of the global feed industry.

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